Black children and men with a lack of communication skills have been killed across the country recently, for not complying with verbal commands from the police. We need to address this issue and find progressive ways to avoid making these mistakes in the future.

This global launch of #JaneCampaign named after Jane Tipton who is also a Lake Elsinore, California resident and is the single mother of an autistic child. Her son does not respond to verbal commands and her fears are the same as any mother’s fear when encountering the police as we have seen with Elijah McClain who was murdered by the police when stopped for a routine check and Kenneth French who was recently shot at Costco in Corona.

“I, my team, and many other local residents care about the families who fall into this category and our future generations of special needs and Autistic children. Our goal is to bring about a more positive outcome in this area, raising the voices of the concerned families across America as well as more unity in our communities. A government of, by, and for the people is what we all deserve.”

—Antoinette Hall, Executive Director of Stand Up For Justice